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I began my riding career as an eventer and was very lucky to find myself an incredible partner that took me from Introductory to 2 star in just over 12 months,  gaining us a place on the YR squad.

'Dutch' taught me the world about jumping, but not so much about dressage!  After a few more CIC horses I realised that I should probably take the time to really focus on my flat work to be a more rounded competitor, and from that point I never looked back.

I've been fortunate to have been given rides on some fantastic horses to school, compete and sell, and also have some great students that I love watching progress with their horses.

While my main focus has always been on breeding and competing my own horses, the last 12 months have seen some big changes in my time management requirements as my horse obsessed 4yo daughter now has her own ponies.  She's determined to get galloping and jumping big scary things as soon as she can, and while containing her enthusiasm is a challenge, the one positive is the horses on the property are now incredibly desensitised to her speedy white ponies, quad bikes, and even her dive rolls off the mounting block as we ride!

I have been lucky to ride some talented young horses incorporating some of the great dressage lines of Sandro Hit, Donnerhall, Furstenball, and Olympic Ferro.  Delandro, whom I bred, really enforced my love of starting and training young horses.  Prior to being sold, she won up to and including the 6yo State Young Horse final; hopefully my current horse Solstice will follow in her footsteps in his upcoming 6yo season!


Camille Fleece Lined Breeches


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My age is 36
I live in Meadows, South Australia
My favourite breeches are ...I can't go past my Camille breeches!  In the hills it seems we spendhalf of the year under water, and since I'm generally riding in the dark, nothing beats no longer having to experience the burning sensation of my frozen thighs every time it rains.
I would describe my occupation as Grain Marketing, although according to my daughter, I just talk on the phone all day and go for drives in the country!
I started riding when I was about 14
My first pony was an unbroken Standardbred!!  Despite always being horse mad, I played basketball as a kid and team rules meant that I wasn't supposed to ride horses because of the chance of injury.  My Dad's friend then gave us a Standardbred and a float to go with it - I quit basketball shortly afterwards!
The highlight of my career so far is winning the State 6yo young horse final on my home bred mare.
My secret crush is Channing Tatum - for obvious reasons!
My biggest riding influence is Ruth Schneeberger, the ultimate role model and competitor.  No matter how many horses she's competing she is always the first to put her hand up to help on committees, set up and pack up, and help at competitions where ever she can, and is always still smiling!
The best piece of advice I have for up & coming riders is to have fun, and initially only compete against yourself - don't worry about the scoreboard.  I still remember standing in the start box of my first 2 star feeling like I was going to be sick, and my friend's mum yelled 'Just remember we do this for fun'... it wasn't long after that point that I realised  this wasn't fun and I was not made to gallop and jump big scary things.
When I'm not riding I'm chasing around after my 4yo daughter and my nieces on their ponies, or glued to my computer working.
The word that best sums me up is insomniac - my best ideas and motivation come in the middle of the night.  Anyone on the Dressage SA committee with me is accustomed to me filling their in-box at 3am!
My dirty little secret is that my friends pick out all my horse gear.  Apparently by starting off in eventing I'm missing the colour matching gene so all my rugs, bandage/boot, saddle blanket, brow bands, etc. are picked out by a few of my good friends, one of whom has also named pretty much all of the horses I've bred!  I think they were glad when I found Black Horse Clothing as they at least no longer had to worry about what I was wearing ;)
My pre-comp secret weapon is Champion Tails White Cover Creme - an absolute must for any horses with white socks!
The greatest challenge I've faced is working out how to balance life.  The last 2 years have taught me that working full time, being a mum, riding, teaching and being on committees, despite best intentions it doesn't work that well.
My least favourite task is cleaning and ironing.  I like to think I live by a system of organised chaos (and am pretty sure there is an iron setting on the tumble dryer for a reason!).
If I won lotto I would get a cleaner to solve the issue above and then build an indoor.
I would tell my 13 year old self bugger the basketball - get into riding!
You probably don't know this but part of my profession actually involves financial advising... Kind of ironic considering the majority of my 'investments' are in horse feed and gear!
If my horse/s could talk he/she/they would say

...I'm pretty sure the big orange guy would tell everyone to get a better sense of humor, as he currently runs around pulling off his own rug while it's pouring with rain!!


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