Lianna Collins

I am based in North-East Victoria and have successfully evented up to two star with my horse Mister Bogart. Currently I have a young off the track horse who is ticking along nicely in the lower grades of eventing. He, along with some lovely client horses, keep me well and truly busy outside of my job as a teacher.

I purchased Mister Bogart (Boags) when I was at university in Wagga. He was at the time being used for stock work but his original owners thought he might have some jumping talent and knew that I was looking for a new horse. With the help of my coaches Marcia Williamson and Gordon Bishop I have schooled him from a young thoroughbred to two star. Boags has proved to be a quirky and naughty individual along the way and was well known at the university stables for his destructive tendencies. All people knew that leaving any gear or equipment within the vicinity of him would most likely result in its demise!

He has progressed up the grades at a reasonable pace, picking up placings along the way. As with all horses in the eventing game we have had our fair share of struggles and issues (the current one being a strong aversion to skinny brush fences) but that is what I love about this sport. It is dynamic and challenging and pushes your determination and perseverance every step of the way. 

I adore the Black Horse Products and enjoy every new season release of products to fill up both my competition and at home riding wardrobe. The clothing is stylish, durable and competitively priced. You can’t beat it for quality and affordability!