Michaela Martindale

I am 21 years old and currently based in Western Australia.  I started riding when I was 5 years old, after I begged my parents for lessons day in day out, and then eventually got my first pony when I was 7. I started competing at 9 years old and haven’t looked back since.

At present I have 3 of my own horses in full work. Kinnordy Gatow; I purchased half way through 2012 and is currently my most experienced mount. Together we have achieved many accomplishments, including riding at an international level and representing Australia in the Young Rider Oceania Championships in 2014. We upgraded to 3*** in the second half of 2014, finishing in 2nd place at Wooroloo 3DE in the CIC3* class, our first 3* start. Currently we are working towards Sydney 3DE in May, followed by progressing towards AI3DE in November with the hope to complete our first 4**** together. Kinnordy Gigi; I have had for 7 years now and since purchasing her as a 3 year old have successfully competed to 2** level. Kinnordy Rhani; I have also had since a 3 year old. She is now 6 years old and has come along in leaps and bounds, recently successfully completing her first 1* start. ‘Rhani’ has achieved numerous wins and placing’s as she has been coming up through the grades.  I am extremely excited and optimistic about ‘Rhani’s’ future and am hopeful that she will be my next international mount.

I have many goals set for 2015 and am looking forward to working my hardest to reach them!